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Teen massage is 15+ only.  Parent's in-person permission required for children under the age of 18.  More and more, teens are taking on busier, more demanding schedules.  Studies support the relief provided by massage as being just as effective with children, and even life-changing for those with special needs such as autism. Sports injuries are more and more common in teens, and at such a young age, proper self-care is vital to do, and to teach them to carry forward in their lives.  Massage, as a non-invasive, non-surgical, drug-free option for teen athletes, is a preferred means of healing whenever possible.  At STM we proudly support our local teen athletes!
  • $95 - 60 minutes
  • $125 - 90 minutes
  • $270 - 3-hour pre-paid package
  • $440 - 5-hour pre-paid package
  • $850 - 10-hour pre-paid package
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    Why Get a Teen Massage?

    As a parent, you want to do everything possible to ensure your child has the best life possible. Well, it’s never too early to drill home the importance of self-care. That’s why you should treat your child to a teen massage in Hartford County at Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness.

    Benefits of a Teen Massage

    Sure, we’d all love to go back in a time machine and relive our childhood. However, we adults tend to look back at that awkward time in our lives with rose-colored glasses. Let’s face it; growing up is tough!


    There are so many pressures put upon teenagers. Everything from their changing hormones to the stress of fitting in with their peers can cause severe muscle tension and anxiety. Then there’s that whole doing good in school and going off to college thing!

    Not to mention, our teens are growing up with added pressures, some parents may not have had, such as living life through the lens of social media. The burdens of “always being on” can be taxing for any child who is trying to figure their way through this world.

    We tend to forget how much weight is on our teens’ shoulders. Let us massage those stressors away by getting your loved one a teen massage in Simsbury at STM Wellness.

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    Teen Massages in Hartford County for Student-Athletes

    teen massage in Hartford County
    Book Your Star Athlete a Teen Massage in Simbsury

    On top of working out stress, many student-athletes would benefit from a teen massage as well. 

    Sure, kids can bounce back rather quickly. However, the big injuries come after a series of littles ones paved the way. 

    Getting a teen massage is an excellent form of preventative care for your budding star. 

    Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness specializes in sports and athletic massage. Our licensed therapists can work with your star athlete on everything from pain relief to relaxing muscle tension to improving range of motion. 

    Teen Massages in Hartford County
    for Students Who Are Not Athletes

    You don’t have to be an athlete to get a teen massage in Simsbury. There are other reasons for teens to get a massage that has nothing to do with sports. Teenagers spend a considerable amount of time sitting in their chairs during school hours. 

    With little support in these seats, it’s a recipe for a slouching student. Long-term effects of poor sitting techniques may lead to poor posture and result in lower back pain.

    Furthermore, teens are not known for the best diets. Sure, the sugary energy drinks and processed chips taste delish. However, they also start the foundation of clogging up arteries and the digestive system.

    At such an impressionable age, it’s good to keep the energy flowing throughout the system. That way, more oxygenated blood vessels can help break up the plaques caused by these foods. By getting a teen massage in Simsbury, you are setting your child up for a healthier, prosperous future.

    teen massage at Simbsury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness
    Alleviate Poor Posture Pains with a Teen Massage

    Where to Get a Teen Massage in Hartford County?

    Parents have every right to be protective of their children. You should pick a wellness center for a teen massage in Hartford County that you can trust. For almost three decades, Connecticut residents have chosen Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness as their choice for a teen massage in Hartford County.

    The reason we ask for you to choose a teen massage as the option for your child is that we need a parent’s permission. We are pleased to oblige you with that request.

    Our licensed staff understands that you are trusting us with your teen in a private setting. That is why we are not only willing but are excited, to answer any and all questions and concerns. We go above and beyond to assure the comfort of both the parent and the teen. 

    During the teen massage, our licensed staff will perform a Thai massage or Swedish massage. If the parent finds it necessary, we also offer a deep tissue massage. However, we want to make sure your child’s needs are met as well. Together, all of us can ensure that the teenager has a refreshing, rewarding, and rejuvenating experience. 

    How to Book a Teen Massage in Simsbury?

    Giving your teen a ticket to relaxation and pain relief is just one click away. All you need to do is tap on Book Now.   

    Next, choose how long you would like to book a teen massage in Simsbury:

    • 60 Minutes
    • 90 Minutes

    You can also save by getting a package of teen massages in Simsbury.

    Get great deals such as:

    • 10-Hour Massage – $850 (Save $100)
    • 5-Hour Massage – $440 (Save $35)
    • 3-Hour massage – $270 (Save $15)

    After you pick the length of the teen massage, you must choose one of our licensed team members. We assure your teen will be in capable hands no matter which you choose. You may also call us at any time to speak to a specific licensed therapist about your concerns. 

    Once you book your appointment, be sure to show up with your teen. We must fill out a consent form and discuss any medical conditions that need to be brought to our attention. From there, our licensed therapist will take care of the stress and pains of your teen. 

    While you wait, maybe you should treat yourself to a Swedish massage yourself. Expecting mothers, we have a pregnancy massage for you, too. The whole family deserves wellness!

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