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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is characterized by light- to medium-pressure strokes with an emphasis on the therapist's hands "flowing" over the body, increasing circulation, and creating a sedating experience to maximize relaxation.
  • $95 - 60 minutes
  • $125 - 90 minutes
  • $190 - 120 minutes
  • $270 - 3-hour pre-paid package
  • $440 - 5-hour pre-paid package
  • $850 - 10-hour pre-paid package

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    What is a Swedish Massage?

    When you envision a pampering massage experience, a Swedish massage is what comes to mind. Unlike a deep tissue massage, which targets deep within the muscle, a Swedish massage promotes relaxation by working the tissues at the surface. 

    Through gentle strokes and light pressure, let your cares melt into the hands of someone else for a change. If you are looking to treat yourself, get a Swedish massage in Hartford County at Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness.

    What are the Benefits of a Swedish Massage?

    There is more to a Swedish massage than just becoming putty in the hands of your therapist. Getting one of the best Swedish massages in Simsbury can also help you maintain optimal wellness.  

    Some of the benefits of a Swedish massage include:

    • Boost Oxygen Levels in Blood
    • Increase Blood Circulation
    • Improve Skin Health
    • Better Range of Motion and Flexibility
    • Decrease Muscle Toxins
    • Lower Stress Levels

    The health benefits of a Swedish massage are accomplished through a combination of techniques. Our licensed therapists at Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness have been honing these skills since 1993.

    That’s why we’ve been the go-to for Swedish massages in Simsbury for over two decades strong.

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    What Are Swedish Massage Techniques?

    What makes Swedish massages so popular is that they are both relaxing and therapeutic. Unlike a Sports & Therapy Massage, which focuses on specific problematic areas, Swedish massages treat the body as a whole. This is accomplished through four primary Swedish massage techniques.


    This Swedish massage technique’s name comes from the French translation of “to skim.” Effleurage is a soft touch produced by the palm of the hand. Your licensed therapist warms up the tissue in your body by moving the palm in sweeping circular motions. These rhythmic movements set the tone for a relaxing and rewarding experience.


    After effleurage massages warm up the tissue, it’s time to increase the blood flow and remove the toxins. Using the petrissage technique, our licensed therapist will lightly squeeze, knead, and roll your skin. As the tissue is lifted, it is spread out, moving around stagnant blood and tissue.


    The muscles are now nice and warmed up. It’s time to turn the heat up a little more with the friction portion of a Swedish massage. Here, a licensed therapist will create a bit of heat by rubbing their hands across your skin. These fast, gliding motions help break up scar tissue and bring more blood flow to the surface. The friction portion of the Swedish massage is an excellent addition to anyone’s beauty regimen. Extra blood flow helps clear out dead tissues trapped under the skin’s barrier that otherwise compromise your skin’s natural glow.


    This familiar technique is the light chopping hand motion you see in massages on television. While effective for dicing vegetables, our staff offers a more in-depth technique for giving a Swedish massage in Hartford County. Our specialists provide a tapotement massage by cupping their hands and soothingly tapping your skin. This movement helps loosen up muscles and ultimately, relax them. After the work they’ve been through, they’ll appreciate the rest!

    Where to Get a Swedish Massage in Hartford County?

    If you are looking to get a Swedish massage in Hartford County, go where the locals have been going for over two decades. At Simsbury Therapeutic & Wellness, our licensed staff has the experience, passion, and skills necessary to provide you with a relaxing experience. We guarantee you will leave with your mind and body rejuvenated.

    How to Book a Swedish Massage in Simsbury?

    Booking a Swedish massage in Simsbury, Connecticut has never been easier. Simply, click Book Now. Scroll down to find the Swedish Massage packages. Choose how long of a session you would like. 

    We offer a Swedish massage in Simsbury in sessions of:

    • 60 minutes
    • 90 minutes
    • 120 minutes

    You can also save by getting a package of Swedish massages in Simsbury.

    Get great deals such as:

    • 10-Hour Massage – $850 (Save $100)
    • 5-Hour Massage – $440 (Save $35)
    • 3-Hour massage – $270 (Save $15)

    From there, you can pick from one of our therapists who are licensed to perform a Swedish massage in Hartford County.

    Learn more about our staff members:

    Once your licensed therapist for a Swedish massage in Simsbury is selected, choose a date on their appointment calendar. All that’s left is to show up for your appointment and enjoy your experience. Get well by booking a Swedish massage in Hartford County with us today.

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