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Geriatric / Elderly Massage Therapy

Elderly massage therapy is one of the most rewarding types of healing we provide.  In conversation at Simsbury Therapeutic Massage, some people are surprised to hear that the client population most likely to receive massage once per week is the elderly, sometimes even on a fixed income.  Why would this be?  Few populations benefit more from the nurturing touch and listening connectedness that is present in a massage therapy session than the elderly.  This population, sometimes alone after a lifetime of partnership, often know less caring physical touch than others.  Equally importantly, massage provides real, palpable benefit with age-related physical issues.  Elderly massage therapy will frequently be lighter in pressure to accommodate physical changes occurring in the skin and muscles, but is no less "deep" an experience!
  • $95 - 60 minutes
  • $125 - 90 minutes
  • $270 - 3-hour pre-paid package
  • $440 - 5-hour pre-paid package
  • $850 - 10-hour pre-paid package

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    Why Get an Elderly Massage?

    Growing older is often looked at as a negative thing. However, we believe it should be celebrated! Treat yourself by getting an elderly massage in Hartford County at Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness.

    Massages are an excellent way to improve your overall quality of life. Not only do they feel great, but getting an elderly massage in Simsbury can make you look great, too. A geriatric massage moves around stagnant blood cells that are ruining your skin’s natural glow! Here’s what to expect when you receive an elderly massage in Simsbury.

    What is an Elderly Massage?

    Getting an elderly massage in Simbsury in not much different than signing up for a Swedish massage

    Your licensed therapist can work on areas that are sore or treat the whole body to feel its best. Depending on your preferences, your licensed therapist can perform a light-touch massage or give you a deep tissue massage. That’s the beauty of getting a geriatric massage in Hartford County at STM Wellness. We work hard to find the right touch and treatment plan for your specific needs.

    When you book an elderly massage with us, we just like a heads-up that you are a senior. By sharing as much information that you’re comfortable disclosing, it allows us to give you the best treatment possible.

    It’s no secret that growing older comes with a few extra aches, pains, and medical conditions. When you are seeking an elderly massage in Simsbury as an alternative form of therapy, our licensed therapists need to be aware of any medical issues.

    By booking an elderly massage, it allows our team to prepare a range of options for you in terms of comfort and treatment.That way, you can get the most out of your geriatric massage in Hartford County.

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    What are the Benefits of an Elderly Massage?

    Undoubtedly, getting a massage feels good. It’s an all-natural form of therapy that works out the kinks in our body. By getting an elderly massage in Hartford County, you will leave STM Wellness feeling refreshed. You may even experience better sleep quality, ultimately improving your mood!

    Alzheimer's Disease

    There are even more benefits to getting a geriatric massage in Simsbury, especially for those with Alzheimer’s Disease. 90% of people with this debilitating condition experience agitation, stress, and anxiety. Thankfully, research shows that massages help alleviate behaviorial symptoms of Alzheimer’s such as pacing and wandering.


    Naturally, experiencing less agitation means less stress. As we age, our body naturally produces fewer hormones. This natural phase causes stress on the body. Therefore, the body produces the one hormone we can all stand to have a little less of — cortisol.

    Thankfully, a light touch can help calm stress levels. While cortisol levels decrease, other happier hormones like dopamine and sertonin are released. Therefore, getting an elderly massage in Hartford County can help you bring some balance back to the system.


    geriatric massage in Simsbury
    Rejuvenate Your Skin Health Today!

    Let’s face it; we live in a superficial world. We try to tell ourselves that looks don’t matter. However, we care about that reflection in the mirror.

    Fall in love with that image looking back at you again by getting an elderly massage in Simsbury.

    In our later years, we tend to be less active. Due to this lack of activity, blood cells tend to pool in specific areas.

    As a result, oxygenated blood cells aren’t making it all over the body. This lack of blood flow eventually causes us to lose our natural glow.

    Get a geriatric massage in Hartford County at STM Wellness to help rejuvenate skin cells. By working the muscles and skin, your licensed therapist will guide toxins and dead blood cells away from the surface and back to the heart. 

    That way, you can flush the toxins out and recycle healthy blood cells! For maximum benefits, a lot of people alternate getting an elderly massage in Simsbury with getting a lymph drainage treatment.

    Together, an elderly massage and lymph drainage can bring fresh blood to areas that are sore and lacking its natural glow. These treatments promote the rejuvenation of ailing cells and clears out dead cells that leave our skin puffy and red.

    Pain Relief

    Life sure comes with its share of aches and pains. Sometimes, we just need a little maintenance. Let us work those kinks out for you.

    There are so many things in our everyday life that can be causing you pain, such as:

    • Poor Posture from Osteoporosis
    • Arthritis
    • Old Sports Injuries
    • Bad Sleeping Positions
    • Sitting All Day
    • Lack of Exercise
    • Falls

    Book an elderly massage in Hartford County at Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness. Our licensed team has the experience necessary to address your problems head-on. 

    They can tailor your session to meet your unique needs and can switch up focus areas in each session. That’s why we encourage those who want an elderly massage in Simsbury to book a package of massages to save money. 

    geriatric massage in Simsbury
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    Where to Get an Elderly Massage in Hartford County?

    Many places offer massages in Hartford County. However, none will provide you with the targeted care you deserve like the licesened staff at Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness. We’ve been performing geriatric masages in Hartford County for almost three decades. Heck, we probably massaged your parents!

    How to Get an Elderly Massage in Simbsury

    Whether you’re getting a gift for a loved one, or treating yourself, getting an elderly massage in Simsbury has never been easier. All you have to do is click Book Now!

    Once you choose to get a geriatric massage in Simsbury, you must pick how long the massage will be.

    Time intervals for getting an elderly massage in Simsbury are:

    • 60 Minutes
    • 90 Minutes

    You can also save by getting a package of geriatric massages in Simsbury.

    Get great deals such as:

    • 10-Hour Massage – $850 (Save $100)
    • 5-Hour Massage – $440 (Save $35)
    • 3-Hour massage – $270 (Save $15)

    After you chose how long of a massage you’d like, next you will select a staff member. Everyone on our team is more than capable of performing an elderly massage in Hartford County. They are all fully licensed and will work closely with you to provide you with a relaxing and rewarding experience.

    Choose from:

    Then, you’re all set! Just show up for your appointment as scheduled. Be sure to let your licensed therapist know about any relevant health issues or concerns you may have. Also, please consult a physician before you make any changes to your lifestyle, including alternative forms of therapy such as getting an elderly massage in Simsbury.

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