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Geriatric / Elderly Massage Therapy

Elderly massage therapy is one of the most rewarding types of healing we provide.  In conversation at Simsbury Therapeutic Massage, some people are surprised to hear that the client population most likely to receive massage once per week is the elderly, sometimes even on a fixed income.  Why would this be?  Few populations benefit more from the nurturing touch and listening connectedness that is present in a massage therapy session than the elderly.  This population, sometimes alone after a lifetime of partnership, often know less caring physical touch than others.  Equally importantly, massage provides real, palpable benefit with age-related physical issues.  Elderly massage therapy will frequently be lighter in pressure to accommodate physical changes occurring in the skin and muscles, but is no less “deep” an experience!

$80 – 60 minutes
$110 – 90 minutes
$225 – 3-hour pre-paid package
$365 – 5-hour pre-paid package
$700 – 10-hour pre-paid package



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